Working with you to create positive change

Drawing on decades of experience working with people to create positive change, our expert team members sit down with you to discuss your situation and concerns, and help you work out the best wayforward.

The Resolution Network specialises in working through difficult situations in a way that is supportive, respectful and designed to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for everyone involved. All our team members are committed to ongoing professional development, are members of leading industry bodies,
and at all times prioritise integrity, ethics, privacy and client confidentiality.

We apply a functional and future focused approach to your situation by breaking down the issues, identifying why they’re occurring, and developing new methods of thinking, responding and communicating.

The way we work

We are committed to providing the highest quality service and we take great pride in conducting our business in a way that is:

  • Respectful and constructive
  • Confidential and trustworthy
  • Open minded and without judgment
  • Fair and impartial
  • Of the highest professional standard
  • Delivering value for money

Our goals

“We established The Resolution Network to help businesses and families on the mid north coast better manage difficult situations and change.

While I spent the first 20 years of my working life in Sydney and overseas, the mid north coast is now home and we’re passionate about providing services that make a real different in this region.

Whether we’re working with a business that’s struggling due to internal conflict, a team that needs to improve their communication skills, or a larger need for change across the whole organisation – we’re committed to helping local businesses achieve their potential.

When we’re asked by a family to help them work out parenting arrangements or a property settlement, or resolve a dispute amongst family members – our goal is to help them communicate in a way that is clear and respectful and work together to reach mutually agreed outcomes.

We understand and appreciate that conflict and change are a part of life, however we also strongly believe they don’t have to erode and diminish your capacity and happiness. If you find yourself in a tough situation we hope you will contact us.”

Megan Lewis, Director and co-owner, The Resolution Network

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