A positive approach to team building and workplace training

Conflict, tension or disputes within a team can destroy morale and productivity across the business, whereas a cohesive, happy and motivated crew can take your organisation to new heights.

The Resolution Network has qualified trainers who can help you address current issues – such as poor communication, disharmony or bullying behaviours – and create an environment of ongoing cooperation.

Our tailored programs or group workshops help you achieve yourbusiness objectives by building your team members’ understanding and confidence and by aligning your business goals with their personal goals.

When you do go through a period of change or conflict our team assessments can identify the key steps required to help re-build the team and maximise performance.Should conflict become entrenched or escalate, we can help implement an effective training program to mitigate the risks and provide staff and management with clear direction on what action to take.

A flexible range of team building and training services:

  • One hour presentations on specific topics
  • Half day intensive workshops
  • Full day training programs – customised for you or choose from one of our popular programs.
  • Our training programs can also be incorporated into wider change management processes that may be occurring within your organisation.

Some of our most popular training programs include:

  • Building a respectful workplace
  • Learning and leading as managers
  • Managing personal and professional boundaries
  • How to minimise and resolve differences in the workplace
  • How to communicate with confidence
  • How to master difficult conversations

Benefits of team building and workplace training:

  • Reduce costs and lost productivity associated with absenteeism, conflict at work, unproductivity and stress claims.
  • Enhance existing skills and equip people with new skills to perform more effectively
  • Improved staff morale and internal relationships
  • Reduction in stress and conflict within the workplace
  • Increased confidence within your team
  • Greater unity and common purpose, which leads to enhanced performance
  • Employees who feel valued and better engaged with your business goals
  • Highly functional business environment
  • Good business reputation
  • Creating a business people want to work in
  • Happier customers and employees

What our clients say

  • Thank you so much for providing such an informative workshop on conflict management resolution in the workplace.
    I have spoken to a number of attendees since, and they agreed the information was delivered professionally, in a fun and interesting environment. Like myself, they too picked up some very useful tips which can be applied to our place of work

    Forster Tuncurry Business Chamber, Issue: Team building and workplace trainingRead more testimonials

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