Find a positive path through supportive family mediation

Conflict with your partner or family is never easy. It can cause untold pain and distress for everyone involved. What’s more, it can be difficult to get perspective and clarity on all the key issues.

Who do you turn to for assistance with such personal matters? While talking to a friend can help, speaking to a qualified, experienced and independent professional will give you a fresh perspective on your situation and help you work out the steps you are willing to take to try and resolve the situation.

Our goal is to not only help you avoid a costly, hostile and drawn out court case, but also to reach a fair resolution in a respectful manner that helps preserve relationships across the family unit – partners, parents and other family members. Functioning relationships are key to long-term positive outcomes, particularly when children are involved.

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The Resolution Network’s confidential mediation services help you manage and resolve conflict in a safe, supportive and judgement-free environment. We bring people together to identify the issues, progress past the roadblocks, reach common ground, and plan for a more positive future for everyone involved.

Importantly, we help you communicate more effectively so that your position is heard, understood and respected, as well as re-focusing your energy on the family members who need you the most such as your children.

Why choose The Resolution Network?

  • Avoid the costly, drawn out court system
  • Resolve conflict in a safe, supportive and judgement-free environment
  • Minimise the damage to children and relationships
  • Arrive at more positive, future-focused outcomes
  • Alleviate stress and frustration
  • Build understanding and co-operation with everyone involved
  • Help you to put differences and conflict behind you so you can move on

Family mediation services

Our highly qualified practitioners provide all the support you need to resolve conflict and communicate more effectively with your partner or family. We offer a range of professional conflict resolution services and family law mediation, including.

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