Empower your team with knowledge so they can confidently do their job in a way that meets your business goals and creates a friendly workplace.

Balancing your professional and personal boundaries with your work colleagues and with clients can be challenging.  Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to draw the line – and how to follow it.

A blurring of the lines can produce an unhealthy situation where enmeshment occurs and respect diminishes.

This can create risks to your business and lead to a dysfunctional workplace.

In most cases, this blurring can happen because there isn’t a clear understanding of what is expected of people. People may be using their own benchmarks within the organisation rather than those that have been set by the organisation.

This workshop is designed to address this situation and help your team to have the confidence to do their job in a way that meets your business goals and creates a friendly workplace.

Through an interactive and enjoyable program, we help your team to explore vital issues such as:

  • The difference between the professional and personal boundaries
  • Tips on how to set the boundaries and manage the delicate balance
  • The options you can take when boundaries have been crossed
  • How to have that difficult conversation
  • The importance of having healthy boundaries

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