Help your team develop their potential as leaders and increase their effectiveness as managers.

Front line managers (for example supervisers and team leaders) often move into this position because they have strong technical abilities and have shown real commitment to the business. However, being given the name badge with the word manager on it doesn’t mean that each person who wears it is comfortable with dealing with the challenges that can come with “people management”.

For your organisation to succeed, you need every manager to be meeting all of their responsibilities – particularly those that may involve having to resolve tough situations or difficult conversations.

This workshop helps your managers reflect on their goals as “people managers” and work out how they will achieve them. The aim is to provide them with some fundamental skills to manage situations they may instinctively want to avoid and give them an opportunity to put those skills into practice in a safe learning environment.

Through an interactive and enjoyable program, we help your front line managers to explore vital issues such as:

  • How do they want to be viewed as a manager
  • What are the attributes of an effective and respected manager
  • What are the situations they struggle with as a manager
  • Options to effectively manage tough situations
  • How to have that difficult conversation

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