Respect is a crucial aspect of every successful workplace – it’s the foundation of positive workplace relationships and the fuel for team collaboration.

However, people can have very different ideas about what respect looks like and feels like in their workplace. Is it respectful if a colleague doesn’t reply to emails in a timely manner or a team member occasionally asks for work to be done with minimal notice or someone takes a number of personal calls during the work day?

This workshop is designed to help your team members understand how they can act and speak to foster a respectful workplace which results in a “me and you” culture rather than a “me vs you” culture.

Through an interactive and enjoyable program, we help your team to explore vital issues such as:

  • What does “respect” mean to me, to you, to us as a team
  • The importance of respect in our workplace
  • How do we demonstrate respect to each other
  • How can we respond if we feel we are not being respected
  • The importance of letting people know if we feel we have not been respected

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