A professional educator, Pat has been involved in the management of conflict for the last 20 years and is a nationally accredited mediator.

She had her own practice in Melbourne dealing with workplace conflict, and was employed as a sessional mediation expertby the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria for 18 years in neighbourhood and community disputes.

In the last five years she has been a family dispute resolution practitioner, and before her move to the mid north coast in January 2015, she was employed in this role by FMC Mediation and Counselling Victoria.

Pat has a Master of Arts and Diploma in Education (Sydney University), a Diploma in Human Resources (Monash University and AHRI), a Vocational Graduate Diploma in Family Resolution (FMC Training Services), a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and a PhD from the University of Melbourne. Her doctoral thesis was on stress and coping among professional mediators, and she lectured at the University of Melbourne for 14 years in the management of conflict.

Pat is aware that dealing personally with conflict is not easy, whether the conflict be with a workmate, family member or neighbour. In mediating, she endeavours to help clients state their issues confidently, and also to understand, even if not agree with, the viewpoint of the person on the other side of the table.

Respect, procedural justice, and the individual’s responsibility for making their own decisions, are the values which are central to her practice.

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