Helpful sites that will assist you to understand and develop a parenting plan

A parenting plan is an agreement that you and your ex-partner make together – you can either work one out yourselves or you can do so with the assistance of a mediator.

The goal of a parenting plan is to ensure the needs of the children are met in a way that is in their best interest.

Typically, it will include information on:

  • where your children will live
  • how much time they’ll spend with each of you
  • how much time they’ll spend with other people, such as grandparents
  • how you’ll share decisions like choosing a school
  • how you’ll contact each other or other people, such as by phone, email or letter
  • what you’ll do for special days like birthdays and holidays
  • how you’ll change the plan or deal with disagreements about it
  • how you’ll deal with other issues about raising your children

The following sites provide you with detailed information on parenting plans:

Family Relationships Online – an Australian Government Initiative

Family Law Court


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